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دکتر علیرضا خان جان

مدرس کارگاه Self-training in Simultaneous Interpreting

Dr. Khanjan:
Workshop on
Self-Training in Simultaneous Interpreting
University of Guilan
Rasht, Iran
October 9-10, 2018

Event Description:
The present workshop is among a series of in-house workshops on Simultaneous Interpreting held or to be held by Dr. Alireza Khanjan at a general level. It follows several events already led by him in collaboration with Translators & Interpreters’ Association of Tehran (TIAT). The workshop consists of two sessions of 2 hours at maximum and includes selected practical issues engaged in the craft of simultaneous interpreting. The participants are required to have a reasonable command of English and Persian to take active parts in practical activities organized as sample self-training assignments to be followed later on in order for them to get accustomed to professional techniques and strategies of simultaneous interpreting in an English-Persian/Persian-English context.

Alireza Khanjan is a certified English-Persian translator to the Iranian Judiciary and, at the same time, a visiting lecturer of translation & interpreting at Iran University of Applied Science & Technology, Tehran. He also works as Deputy Director General of Tax Treaties & International Affairs at the Iranian National Tax Administration (INTA) where he functions, from time to time, as a Simultaneous Interpreter in conferences, seminars, workshops, training programs, and other international events. Dr. Khanjan obtained his PhD in Linguistics from University of Isfahan in 2012. He has already published and presented some 60 papers on translation and linguistics in journals and at conferences, both at national and international levels. His works in the area of translation research focus on such issues as “translation theory”, “literary translation”, “translation criticism”, “translation & power”, “translation & ideology” and more recently, “(Iranian) translation historiography”. Currently, Dr. Khanjan cooperates with Motarjem, the first Iranian journal of translation, by writing papers on both theoretical and practical aspects of translation and interpreting. He can be reached at: alirezakhanjan@gmail.com.

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